COACH Coach Op Art 13826 Tote bag canvas / leather beige pink ladies [pre]

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The outside has frontal, back, bottom, handles etc. Overall rubbing, dirt, light dirt, there are stains. There are rubbing and dirt in some places inside. . It may be because of damage that can not be described, so it is recommended for those who do not care about small points.
Outside: Surface: burned, dirty, dirty, threads, wrinkles
Handle · Strap: Small scratches, dirty, dirty, threads, wrinkles
Corner: Thread

Inside · Other: Inner: Light dirt, dirt, thread
Metal part: small scratch

Type Op Art Product Description Coach's Poppy Op Art Tote Bag is an introduction! It is a bag with excellent storage capacity and functionality. It is a recommended bag for everyday use that can store A4 size and can be shawled!
Part number (model number)13826
typeBrand bag
typeTote Bag
ColorBeige / Beige / Pink
MaterialCanvas / leather
AW about 38 cm x H about 30 cm x D about 11 cm
Shoulder: about 50 cm
pocketClosing type: Fastener outside: Two zipper pockets
Inside: Fastener pocket x 1, open pocket x 2

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