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Opal · Diamond Necklace · Pendant / K18YG / 750-1.8g / FD: 0.07ct / Central Jewelry Laboratory Sorting / Coloring Next Day Delivery Available / h181207 ■ 223445

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It is an item as good as a new one polished carefully one by one by the handsman of our affiliated studio.
Engraving: K18 YG 0.07
Serial number: FV 531 **
Detailed remarks: The big Opal fascinates the beautiful play of color. Aside is a clearly shining diamond set with a single stone, and a delicate chain in a milled frame is a feminine design necklace.
brandOther Brands
ColorGold Yellow Gold × Yellow
MaterialK18YG / 750 Opal diamond
ASize details: golden: K18YG / 750
Gram: 1.8 g
Aside stone: 0.07 ct
Cutting style: Cabochon setting: Bezel setting / Metal clasp appraisal agency: Central Jewelry Laboratory sorting
[Size (below about)]
Main stone dimension (H × W viewing size): 6.7 * 8.9 mm
Aside stone dimensions (approx): 2.2 mm
Top size: H 8.4 mm × W 10.3 mm × D 4.2 mm
Top detachable: impossible
Chain type: Rakko red bean
Total length of chain: 41 cm
Chain width: 0.1 cm
Adjuster: Yes
Adjustment method: Free
Expert opinion (discrimination letter): Yes
accessoriesDrawstring bag jewel sorting (Only accessories are listed, those with description are attached, only those taken in the photo are included.

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