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Bucket · Marquise Form · Blue Topaz Ring · Ring / K18WG / 5.8g / 8.60ct / 1.10ct / Central Jewelry Laboratory Sorting / No. 15 / # 55 / h 181207 ■ 223443

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It is an item as good as a new one polished carefully one by one by the handsman of our affiliated studio.
Engraving: K18WG 8.60 1.10
Production number: FV 53100
brandOther Brands
ColorBlue White Gold × Blue
MaterialK18WG / 750 Blue Topaz White Topaz
ASize details: golden: K18WG / 750
Gram: 5.8 g
Parentstone: 8.60 ct
Aside stone: 1.10 ct
Ring size: No. 15 / # 55
Shape: Rectangular settings: Prong setting appraisal agency: Central Jewelry Laboratory sorting
[Size (below about)]
Mainstone dimensions (H × W viewing size): 17.4 * 7.5 * 4.4 mm
Aside stone dimensions (Marquise): 5.3 * 2.9 mm
Motif top: H 19.0 mm × W 20.5 mm
Ring width: 1.9 - 2.1 mm
Expert opinion (discrimination letter): Yes
Resize: Yes
【please read】
Usually up to ± 4 is possible, but even if it is "possible" it will go back and forth by design, and the price will also change accordingly.
Please read the usage guide first, please purchase after inquiry and estimate.
⇒ How to use "Jewelry Sizing" is here
Stone8.6 ct
accessoriesOuter Box Cosmetic Box Jewelry sorting (Only accessories are listed, those with description are attached, only those taken in the photo are included.

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