Bvlgari Bvlgari Bvlgari quartz watch with date function / K18YG / 750-23.8 g / BB 23 GL / light blue × gold / BVLGARI next day delivery possible / h 181207 ■ 225444

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[Draft shield] No scratch
[Case] ​​Overall, threads, places small wounds
[Belt] Discoloration on the outside (especially near the case), some discoloration on the inside
[Operation check] 2018/12/06 Confirmed
Engraving: 750
Production Number: P.94174
Detail Remarks: "Bulgari · Bvlgari" of popular classic model which the letter of BVLGARI was given to bezel 23 mm. Although the small face size, K18YG solid case is a gorgeous impression. With a changeable belt, you can enjoy it with 2 patterns according to the scene.
Part number (model number)BB23GL
ColorBlue light blue × gold × black dial plate
MaterialK18YG / 750 embossed leather belt
ASize Details: Line: Bulgari Bulgari golden: K18YG / 750
Gram: 23.8 g
[Size (below about)]
Case H: 2.8 cm × W: 2.3 cm (excluding ※ crown)
Belt / Breath Width: 1.0 - 1.2 cm
Arm around: 14.0 - 17.3 cm
Hole adjustment: 6
Movement: Quartz
Waterproof: Waterproof life
Buckle: pin buckle type
[Attaching to the piece / piece draw]: If there are coma and pin in the accessory, those whose size can be adjusted, we will accept the adjustment if you can specify it in the remarks column after ordering.
accessoriesCase (scratchy scratches) change belt (red ※ inner discoloration in the whole) (Only accessories are listed, those with description are attached, we only attach them to you.

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