Love ring half diamond WG 3PD

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Established in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in France. Cartier's creative spirit overwhelms others and continues to have great influence. Cartier is still making ground-breaking attempts, while still leaving a long-lasting tradition for future generations. The sophisticated and modern products have kept the hearts of women unchanged. We received "Love Ring Half Diamond" from such Cartier. As for the product condition, there are some small scratches on the surface, but it is a very beautiful item with a new finish. ※ Please note that there may be small scratches and threads from the display.

Brand Name: Cartier
Product Name: Love Ring Half Diamond WG 3PD
Size: Ring size No. 16 / Engraved # 56 / Ring width approx. 5 mm
Weight: 8.9g
Accessories: / None

S New Finished (There may be small scratches that can not be polished)
Product number (model number)5102818-842100001
typeBrand jewelry
sizeRing size No. 16 / Engraved # 56 / Ring width approx. 5 mm
accessories/ Without

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