brand:Louis Vuitton

LVLOUIS VUITTON Cannepepe M 48039 Handbag Epi Leather / Epi Leather Tassilie Yellow 0007 Women's

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◇ The whole is dirty / scratches / threads are a bit. ◇ There are a few threads at the corner. ◇ There are a few threads on the handle. ◇ Inside pocket sticky / peeling a little. ◇ There are a few dirt on the inside. ◇ There are a few threads on the metal fittings.
[Serial number] AS 1916
[Metal Color] Gold
【Model】 Cannes
【Line】 epi
【Producer】 France
[Production year] 1996
Part number (model number)M 48039
brandLouis Vuitton
typeBrand bag
ColorYellow / Tassilie Yellow
MaterialEpi Leather / Epi Leather
AW about 20 cm x H about 20 cm x D about 18 cm
Handle: about 26 cm
pocketClosure type: Fastener

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