Ginza store Hermes Bearn Bock scarf I stamped tri-fold long wallet black gold clasp

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There is only a slight amount of inconspicuous fine thread in the bracket part, but overall it is a very beautiful item with almost no feeling of use.

※ Please be aware that there may be a slight thread when it is displayed or stored.

Brand Name: HERMES (Hermes)
Product Name: Ginza store Hermes Bearn Bock Scarf I Engraved Tri-Fold Wallet Black Gold Hardware
Color: Black / NOIR × Gold Bracket
Material: Box Scarf
Size: about W17.5 × H9 cm
Engraving: □ I Engraving (manufactured in 2005)
Accessories: Storage box

Management No. 77419
typeBrand wallet and accessories
typecard case
ColorBlack series / NOIR × Gold bracket
MaterialBox scarf
sizeAbout W17.5 × H9 cm
accessoriesStorage box
RemarksManagement No. 77419

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